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  • Can we supply customised boxes?

    Can we supply customised boxes?

    This is a question that many people continue to ask.  The answer is Yes, some of the box styles can be. Everything is possible within the Ute Safe range.  This is a business that was founded on customising solutions and is always happy to take on a new project.  The WorkHard range can..
  • Box Types

    Box Types

    Are all boxes, boxes?  Many boxes don't seem to have a box shape, so what are they called. Hoping to make the search for the right style easier means trying to put similar box types into categories that are relevant to shape or use.  We use a number of words to help describe these bo..
  • What is 2.5mm Tread Plate?

    What is 2.5mm Tread Plate?

    Ute Safe boxes use marine aluminium alloy. High strength is achieved with 2.5 mm tread plate. The 2.5mm refers to the plate thickness not the tread thickness. Thinner 1.6mm and 2.0mm tread plate may have the same external nish but offers far less strength. At Ute Safe we can not only stan..
  • Ute Safe and the evolution of a quality aluminium box.

    Ute Safe and the evolution of a quality aluminium box.

    Two main reasons influence your choice of box. You want to protect the contents. You need the box to put in a particular location. In Australia, the mobile location most needing a secure box is the ute. At Ute Safe, our name ensures we focus on these twin goals, a secure box where you most need it..
  • ALUMINIUM ALLOY - 5052 OR 3003?

    ALUMINIUM ALLOY - 5052 OR 3003?

    Aluminium alloy is a mixture of different metals, mostly aluminium, but may be anything from Silicon to Titanium. Together these form the characteristics of strength, hardness, ductility and toughness. 3003 is architectural aluminium alloy. 3003 alloy is a bit cheaper to produce because of the re..